• 4 Cups diced chicken
  • 2 TBSP lime juice
  • 2 Mangos and / or papayas
  • 2 Celery Stalks – chopped fine
  • 4 Green Onions- sliced thin
  • ¼ Cups plain non-fat yogurt
  • ½ Cups Low-fat mayo
  • 1 ½ tsp. curry
  • cashews – to taste – add at last minute while serving



Put whole breasts (not chopped yet) in pan and cover with water, then remove the chicken. Boil the water and lime juice, let water boil, then put chicken in and let simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and let stand for 10 minutes. Remove it from water and dice. Refrigerate.

Cut up all remaining ingredients, except cashews.

In a bowl, mix yogurt, mayo, and curry.  When all ingredients are cut up and cool, then mix together (except cashews).

When ready to serve top with cashews.