Welcome to LightningBug.farm! I am a wife, mother and firm believer that everyone should know how to cook. I love cooking and feeding my family wonderful food. I don’t usually cook from recipes and sometimes I feel more like a witch in the kitchen than a cook, making crazy concoctions.  A lot of my recipes come from my mom or one of my five grandmothers but usually I put my own twist on them. Most of my recipes aren’t actually recipes at all but come from watching my mom or grandmothers in their kitchens and making up a recipe so I could make it again.  If I can’t quite get a recipe right, then I will search the internet for something very close then tweak it closer to one of our recipes.  This is my opportunity to hand down some of these to my two daughters, nieces and nephews. I hope this website will be a collaboration of family recipes that can continue for generations.

I hope you enjoy these recipes too!

-Dawn Colton